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Anaconda celebrates #GabbieStrong

#GabbieStrong participants gather at the halftime of the boys game to show support for Gabbie Stetzner, a young student from Anaconda battling cancer. Everyone wearing a #GabbieStrong t-shirt was asked to come to the floor for a group photo. Blake Hempstead/Copperhead Country

On Thursday during the Whitehall-Anaconda non conference doubleheader at Memorial Gymnasium, two teams and fan bases paid respect to Gabbie Stetzner, a young student from Anaconda battling cancer. In remission just last year, her fight started one more time after the disease was found to have returned last week. As a result, friends of the Stetzner’s led by Liz Tuss and a handful of others organized this fundraising event and celebration of Gabbie”s impending fight.

An announcement between the girls’ and boys’ games said over $4,000 was raised for the Stetzner family to help offset medical costs – and that was before Fred Moodry Middle School Principal Tammy Hurley donated her half of the 50-50 winnings to the cause.

Below is a gallery of photos taken by Amanda Fehrer and Blake Hempstead showing the support for Gabby at newly-remodeled Memorial Gymnasium.