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Salmon to allow visiting fans, but ‘must wear a mask and socially distance’

Early today, confirmation from Salmon High School Athletic Director Jeremy Burgess is to allow fans who socially distance in Friday’s Anaconda-Salmon annual matchup. Kickoff is at 7 p.m. and available live on copperheadcountry.airtime.pro

“We ask that people all wear masks and practice social distancing,” Burgess said in a phone conversation Thursday.

Truth be told, a school board decision last week was to not allow visiting fans due to some increases in COVID-19 cases county-wide. However, the district is not currently capable of effectively monitoring that situation, therefor Burgess wanted to stress safety for his own community’s sake.

In short, Burgess iterrated if you want to participate, you won’t be turned away. But please obey all requests by school officials.

“Quite honestly, I’m about to … I’m just frustrated,” Burgess said exhaustively. “I understand all that’s at stake and, along with our superintendent, just want it to go away.”

Anaconda is taking the field under first year head coach Riley Schell. A preview of the Copperheads season will be live tonight on copperheadcountry.org

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