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Retail giveaway highlights final Copperhead football game Friday night

When Anaconda travels to Thompson Falls Friday night for their final football game of the 2017 season, Copperhead Country will be giving away $300 in retail and cash prizes to loyal listeners.
During the game, listeners posting screenshots of the Copperhead Country streaming homepage while using the hashtag #CopperheadCountry, you will be automatically entered into the giveaway. 
Five retail sponsors of Copperhead Country will be used for the giveaway including $50 gift cards to Ace Hardware, Barclay II, Cedar Park Lanes, Dee Motor Co. and Thrifty Drug plus a $50 cash giveaway. 
To make it easy, copy the following message and post a screenshot on Twitter or Facebook from your mobile device: 
Go Copperheads, we’re listening here on #CopperheadCountry @CopperheadCntry
For those who don’t have social media accounts, you can be entered into the giveaway, send the same message via E-mail to [email protected]
A big thank you to all the Copperhead Country Media sponsors that made this possible! 
For more information contact Blake at 560-5905. 

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